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3 Reasons Wigs Can Save You Time and Money

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

If you have been to my Instagram or Facebook page then you know I am not new to the wig game. I have been wearing wigs since Freshman year of College. Wigs have definitely evolved over the years. People walk around today with wigs and you would never know.  You would think that they sat in a salon for hours or paid hundreds of dollars for their style only for them to tell you that they are simply wearing a wig. I like wigs for a variety of reasons and Affordability being first on the list. Here are three ways that Wigs have helped save me time and money throughout the years.


Low maintenance When wearing wigs all I have to do is wash, braid, and moisturise my hair. I make sure that the wig is placed on my mannequin  or back in the packaging when not in use. Honestly there are some days that it only makes it to the night stand lol. Even then a brush will revive the wig.


Variety– I love to change my hairstyles. If you are like me then wigs are your best friend and your natural hair will love you for it. Wearing wigs allows me to go from short black like Halle Berry to long, blonde and wavy like Beyonce’. I do this without torturing my own hair. Lace front wigs  have changed the game! These wigs are very natural looking.

Affordable– Wigs can be affordable. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for a good wig. I only pay a certain amount for the wigs that I purchase because I change them so often. I have also found that it is better to shop online for lace wigs at sites such as Divatress vs purchasing at your local store. I walked into the store one day to purchase a wig but I just wrote the name down and decided that I would wait due to the price. I went on handy-dandy YouTube and searched the wig to see reviews and how it looked on other people. While viewing videos I found a site that had the sammeee wig for a much lower price. I brought several wigs that night.

Wigs are also more affordable than going to get your hair done every two weeks. I do get my hair done every so often at the salon. Wearing lace front wigs saves me the time that I have to sit in the salon and the money I spend while there ( you know how expensive a style could be lol).


Here are some cute affordable wigs that you can wear with confidence while keeping money in your pockets:




If you do not wear wigs, would you consider trying?

If you do wear wigs, what is your favorite part of wearing wigs?





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