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6 things to Remember when Keeping Up With The Joneses

Trying to keep up with the Joneses  often leaves a lot of people broke. This is a common trend in America. We all want nice things and think that we should live a certain way. Nothing is wrong with wanting the best, it’s the instant gratification of wanting everything in the moment that is our downfall.


We have to learn that just because Mr. and Mrs. Jones have a Range Rover in their driveway does not mean that we have to go out and get one also. We may have to wait and be happy with our Jeep until our coins are in order. The key word is WAIT which equals PATIENCE.  

We have this “keeping up with the Joneses” mindset more than we know it.We develop this mindset when we see others living a certain lifestyle that we feel we should live also.  We often never look from the inside-out vs the outside- in. An example would be seeing one of your co-workers with a new MK purse and then going to buy that same purse so that you are not left out. Hell yall make the same amount of money anyway right? You just spent $500.00 on a purse that your co-worker actually received as a gift. It was either a gift or they missed a the cable and insurance bill this last month.

This also applies to those celebrities that we love and adore sooo much.They are often donated most of the items that we see them wearing. The designers do not mind giving celebs their items for free because they know that we will go to the store and pay $$$$ to say we are wearing that same jacket, dress, shoe,etc. People will save two checks and spend both ( without paying any bills that are due) to get that same bag they spotted their fav celeb wearing. Sometimes chicks even spend hundreds on replica bags ( a shame).

Have you ever thought of how people really get the things that they have?

Was it a blessing? Was it hard work? Was it inheritence? Are the frontin?

Things to remember:

  • You never know what people go through (both good and bad) to get what they have.
  • Never compare yourself to anyone else.
  • Never place yourself in a situation that may stunt your growth and place you further back in the race to be financially free.
  • If you want something be patient and do the things needed to one day get that thing.
  • Live with what you have, live below your means, and wait to get those things that you want but can’t afford today.
  • If you never get it you probably didn’t need it to begin with.


Little known fact about the Joneses is that they are BROKE!!!!!   Most people who truly have wealth do not flaunt it in material ways.


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