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The Diva Corner: La Shaun





What does being Frugal mean to you?
Honestly, I first equated frugal with cheap. I have begun to learn that being frugal is more about being resourceful and mindful of what you are buying and how you are spending your money.

In what way(s) did you save this month?

This month I put a small amount of money into my savings account.

How does being frugal effect your style?
Being Frugal does not effect my style. It does cause me to buy quality things and continue to learn how to do things my self ( i.e. make jewelery, make clothes, hair styles)

What products/items do feel that you have to “splurge” on?

The only Item I can think of is my foundation makeup. I have never been able to go to a drug store and find foundation makeup that works for me. It is either too light or too dark. I am flexible with all other cosmetics but I have to buy my foundation Mac or Bare Essentials.

In what ways are you investing in your financial future?

At this time I am getting rid of all unnecessary debt, I have just obtained a Masters Degree, I have a savings account ( although its on the low side lol..but at it will grow), and I started my 401(K) this year.

What finacial/frugal topics are you most interested in?

I am interested in any topics that will help me learn ways to keep money in my pocket, make money, and at teh same time live the way I want to 🙂

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