Debt Crushing Series: The Debt Avalanche Method

In the second installment of the Debt Crushing Series will talk about the Avalanche Method.

Debt Avalanche Method -This system is done by paying off your highest interest balances first.

This process is similar yet different from the Snowball Method. Instead of paying off your lowest balance card 1st, here you will pay off your highest interest balances first.

The first thing you will need to do is to look at all of your debt and the APR% of each debt. Once you have done this then you can start to pay off your highest percentage first.


Be aware of any promotional rates that you have during the time that you plan to use the Avalanche Method. If you are taking advantage of a promotional rate use the APR that will go into effect after the promotional rate is over.

If you have a promotional rate card with a low APR try to pay that off first to save money ( this is if it is attainable)

Learn about the Snowball Method here.


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