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Gettin Ish Done: The Final Quarter

Welcome to the final Quarter of the year. I have been working on my goals by quarter as I said in my last goals post. So many things have happened since January. Some goals have been met that were set for the year but not discussed here. I have also been using my planner. It does not seem like I created this planner a year ago. I have been using it and loving it. Sooo I will be offering it you later this year. All of the VIP divas have seen a snippet of the planner.

One thing that I wanted to do ( and I have talked to you all about) is to increase my income. I had been looking for jobs for a long time. After much praying, fasting, and waiting, I got a new job making more money. I liked my old job but financially it did not make sense for me to stay there. I have goal for myself and for my family that I could not reach by staying there.

Recap from 1st Quarter :

1. Living Arrangements – My husband and I purchased our home in April of this year. The process was quick but smooth. We are happy homeowners.

2.Credit Card Debt: Still working on this. I have made some strides. I just have to stay focused and not get comfortable. I did decrease my credit card debt by $500.00.

3.Financial Educator Instructor Certification -I am currently studying the curriculum for my test. Nov 1st is my deadline to take my test. I started at the end of the 1s quarter but then it fell to the side.

Current Goals:
Financial Educator Instructor Certification: I plan to complete my test by Nov 15th. The truth is I am not good at test taking. I will have no issue with learning and retaining the material. It is just test anxiety. This is causing me to procrastinate. I have been completing the modules and will continue to work on this weekly.
Credit Card Debt: Almost there. I am focused on staying focused. The issue is that I have been holding money and not transferring it. By december all credit cards will be paid off. The plan is to be completely done…Finally! I have honestly been playing around and could have been done. As of 11/8 I am under $500 in debt across my cards.
Ebook/ Planner:  I am officially releasing a project. My planner is basically done other than a couple of changes needed. I created this planner based on my own system that has allowed me to complete my goals ( when I work the plan lol). I will not lie and say that I am not nervous about releasing it. I have hit somewhat of a roadblock with the book which is separate from the planner. My outline was completed almost a year ago. I have made soo many mental changes its crazy. I plan to have it written and out before the end of the 1st quarter of 2018. I want to have it completed by 12/20.
Honorable mention : I have started selling jewelry as an Consultant with Paparazzi. I love what I do. It allows me to sell affordable $5 jewelry and make money. Yall know I like a side hustle. Paparazzi allows me to do something other than blogging and social work, both can be stressful. I have been setting financial goals and trying to meet them each month. I am setting small and realistic goals based on how much I plan to work.

Goals are not always as concrete as we want them to be because….life… and all that comes with it. The trick is to get out of your feelings and Get Ish Done. Keep working at your plans. Not every single goal may get a check mark but it’s about progress over perfection.

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