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I think about coming here everyday but that step never seems to happen. I have put the pen to the paper but now I have to put the fingers to the pad (corny I know). Anywayzzzzz……
It is 1am on February 2nd. Yes, I’m chillin in my specs and Cleo braids (corn rows). I am currently attempting to watch the Gabby Douglas Story on Lifetime. I am surprised I haven’t fell out from exhaustion yet. My plan today was to take Dolce to the groomer and chill. Well…..
I ended up running around town looking for home decorations. All because an item I have been wanting went on sale at Hobby Lobby ( my weekness). I only went in the store to get some fake flowers to replace the real ones that just died. While I was there I saw the other item ( I should have stayed I’m the front of the store). I had this bright idea while in Hobby Lobby that I needed to decorate some more of my home and do it now. After being in Hobby Lobby for what seemed forever I did not get the flowers but I did get the item that was on sale lol. Then my journey began…
I found everything I needed for decorations at Dollar Tree,Family Dollar, and Lowes. The issue was that I rode around forevvvver looking for shelves that I ended up getting from my mothers home. I was out all day and might I add I looked horrible. I dressed that morning to take Dolce to his appt and come back home. Not to be out and seen.
While I was out I saw no reason to go back home and change as originally planned. It was early (9am) and no one would be out and I planned to be back home by 12pm. Well I took care of business looking cray cray and didn’t get home until around 5pm.
After I got home I was on a mission to hang all the pics, put together tables and clean up…. As of 1am I put a dent in the to do list with the help of Boothang… Without him I would have F-ed up the walls lol.
I said all that to say that the day didn’t go as planned. This month I will be noting every hour of my day to see where my time goes… I can be very productive in my personal time and also very lazy.. Today I was a little too productive. I felt rushed and now I’m exhausted…weekends are for rest and relaxation and today I missed the mark. Balance is the goal. Is it attainable?
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