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Getting Ish Done: January 2016 and Freebie




2016 is here and in full effect! I have been sharing my monthly goals off and on. I plan to share more often this year. I believe that goal setting is crucial in all areas of our life. This is especially true when we are talking about our finances. I will be talking more about setting SMART goals during the month. This is the month that we set goals or resolutions. I want you to not only set goals but be able to actually accomplish them this time around. I will share my monthly goals with you. I am not perfect and I know that I will not always hit the mark. There will be days that things do not get done. I will not let those days get me down. I will run this race slow but steady.  I created a goal guide just for you. This guide walk you through setting SMART goals.

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Last months goals

*Create my 2016 game plan for business and personal using the SMART method 

I have done this and still need to make some more revisions. I like making goals and seeing them in front of me. I want my goals to be as specific as possible. I need to now place them in Quarters. Its execution time.

*Participate in Vlogmas

I participated most of Vlogmas. Lets be real. My day to day life can be boring. If I am bored I know you are lol. I still like blogging but I probably will not do it until December 2016 or any significant event.

*Start Paying off my next credit card 

I made payments on this card but nothing significant. I will pick the pace back up in January. I did not spend money on anyone except my secret Santa at work. I had no desire to use my card for anything. I was happy about that. I will be buying gifts in 2016.

*Pass my LMSW Test

I changed my date again. I was not ready ( mentally anyway). I was okay with my decision. I just have to pick myself up and get back on the ball. See below for more.

This is the year of execution for me. This blog has been in effect for years now. Like since 2009. I have gained sooo much information over these years but have failed to execute. Execution is key. You can have all the knowledge in the world, but what good is it if it’s not put to use. I plan to execute in all areas of my life. It is time to take action.


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Here are some new goals that I am working on:


Saving more came to mind when I originally thought about my financial goals for the year. while I do plan to continue to save toward my emergency fund, I need to handle this credit card debt. I did pay off my GA Own card YAYYYY! Now on to my Bank of America Card.  I am not going to say that I will pay off the entire card this year. What I will do is add more money to the balance that I pay. I can increase to an additional $20.00 per month. This will allow me get my credit card amount under 30% usage. I am able to do this because my job is now paying my gym membership. I will also add more funds to the payment when I can. The good thing about this card is that I am still have 0% APR. I will also need to beef up my mystery shopping and start freelancing. Gotta do what I gotta do. 

This months tasks:

  • Look at finances and put any extra money into act ( that is left over after bills are paid) 

  • Take on at least 2 mystery shops if they are available ( I have already completed one shop) 

Relationship: Get Married

I will get married by 5/28/16 by making concrete plans in a timely manner. I will not be dissusing every single plan right now.   I have what I want written down but I need to make some concrete plans. This will start with planning the honeymoon. I have a date set and I really want to leave for the homeymoon the next day. We are not having a traditional wedding. We are doing a civil ceremony and then going to have fun on our honeymoon. I have a couple of things that I will work on starting this week…Like finding a photographer.

         This month’s tasks :

  • Find photographer

  • Set Honeymoon date and place

  • Set appts for Premarital counseling

Career: Take LMSW test

Yall this test is trying to get the best of me. I have rescheduled this test a 3rd time. I never feel that I am ready and I seem to have a mini panic attack. This time I am NOT rescheudleing it. I am goign to take it. I did take about two weeks off from studiyng. I just was not able to focus and I felt that I was getting nowhere. I have started studying again. My test date is at the end of the month. I am not good at taking standarized tests but I will conquer this. This is something I dont like to talk about because the chance of failure is always there. I am human and it is a possiblity. I have to remember that the test does not deteremine who I am as a person. If I have to take it a 3rd time I will…I dont want to but I will.

This months tasks:

  • Take the practice exam to see what I need to work on

  • Study at least 3 times a week during the week and every day on weekend

  • Pass the test

Get your goal guide here:


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