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Goals: Gettin Ish Done 2017

Happy New Year Divas!

18 days into the new year and so far, so good. I know you are like “girl where have you been?’ I have been around. Just not on the internet as much. Well not on the internet putting out content. I have been here soaking up TONS of information. So much info that it has almost paralyzed my creativity and why I am in this internet space. I have now  chosen to execute what I have been taught so that I can determine if it is a fit for me and this platform. When you soak up so much information you don’t know in which direction to go first and it becomes overwhelming.  

Doing:   Over the holiday my mother and I traveled to a nearby city to discover what they had to offer. We had a great time in the downtown area. There were a couple of unique shops that I liked.  I will definitely go back in the spring.











Reading: Never Eat Alone ; The Baltimore Chronicles  Yes, they are total opposites and that is okay. This helps me to keep balance.


Listening:    I have always liked Solange and her music. Her latest album was no disappointment. I love a record that I can play from the 1st song to the last. This is currently my vibe album. It has calmed my nerves many of times.  


I listen to Spotify from time to time. I happen to listen to the Lost in the Clouds playlist and remembered why I still have spotify on my phone. The music is calming and is helping me to adjust to my new early wakeup routine.  (Solange and spotify )

On to the goalssss:

I am here in 2017 with some not so new goals. There is no reason to start brand new goals when I have not fully completed the previous ones. I set a lot of goals for myself last year. Some  were accomplished and some were not. I mainly accomplished what was in front of me. Those things not in front of me often were pushed to the back of my mind. Not because they were not important, but because I forgot the role that they played in the big picture or bottom line.

To combat that, I have created the Gettin Ish Done Planner. No, I am not selling this to you lol. While I do plan to offer this in the future, right now it is for my personal use. This planner allows me to have my Big Picture, goals, and tasks in front of me at all times. This year, I am only focusing on three goals per quarter.  I am using the SMART method to complete these goals.

Last year I was able to accomplish two big goals. I got married and I got my LMSW. Those were major for me. I also gained a lot of traction in the other goals that I had set for myself. I was able to accomplish those goals basically using the system that I have set in the Gettin Ish Done Planner.
Here are my 1st Quarter goals :

  1. Living arrangements- My husband and I are thinking about moving. We only have this 1st quarter to make a decision on if we will move or of we will stay put.
    1. My husband and I will view various living spaces on a weekly basis and by 2/28 come up with a concrete plan. By April 1st will have secured the place that we desire or at least be on the road to completing the task before the 1st half of the year. This task is not concrete because it depends on what we want and what is available. I don’t want us to rush into something that we do not want.
  2. Credit Card Debt- Yea I still have that lol. It is going away this year though. I have no choice because my student loans are not going anywhere and I need to tackle those.
    1. I will decrease my credit card by $500.00 by April 1st. I will complete this my placing the priority of my credit card right under my savings and tithing. I will also use any money made from side hustles ( outside of taxes) toward my credit card debt.
  3. Financial Educator Instructor Certification- I have completed certifications for financial education in the past but they were for my work or volunteering. None were official.
    1. I will complete this task by locating a company, completing the paperwork, and passing the certification test by April 1st 2017. I will study at least twice a week for 1hour at a time.

I am excited to see what this year has to offer. Let me know what your goals are this year. I am here to motivate you and keep you accountable. I expect you to keep me accountable also :).

Have a great month and remember to wear your crown and your head held high everyday. Be determined to succeed.

With Love,

La Shaun

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