Side Hustle

One Definite and Proven Way to Get Out of Debt

Get out of debt by making more money! Simple right? I myself at one time was trying to use my main and only income to pay down my debt. While I am not behind on any bills, I cannot see my current income getting me to my debt free goal. For those who make a great living and are able to cut back to pay down debt that is great. For others it can get a little more complicated. Many people ended up with degrees that don’t cover the costs of the student loan debt that they took out. For others life happens and more income is needed.

I was watching a TV show that helps families create a plan to get out of debt. On one episode the host told both the husband and wife to get new jobs. That may seem like a “duh” moment when you need more money. This couple both liked their jobs and were comfortable. The wife worked with her father and did not really make any money at all. The husband and been at his job for a while and enjoyed his job.

People stay in low paying jobs because of :


Lack of knowledge or needed education

Scared to leave

Afraid to ask for a raise

This family followed the directions given by the host and obtained new employment. They both made more money and the wife ended up with benefits, something that they did not have before. They took a step out of their comfort zone to make a better choice for their family and their goal of getting out of debt.

You may love your job and be comfortable there, but is your current job helping you toward your financial goals? Would stepping out of your comfort zone help you in making moves and meeting goals?

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I have had to think of myself as a company and I being the CEO. As a business you make the best possible moves for your company. That may mean leaving one place to go somewhere else that will pay more and keep your company ( life) in the black and not the red. I have decided to take the side hustle route for now. I love my job and I love entrepreneurship so I choose to do both while it make sense. If there are changes in my life and staying at my current job does not make financial since, I will have to leave. It will be uncomfortable but it will have to be done.

Before you decide to leave your job:

Ask for a raise on your current job.

A lot of people love their jobs but are not making enough to stay.  Voice all the reasons that you feel that you deserve a raise and ask! All they can say is no.

Start a side hustle.

This can be mystery shopping, freelancing, starting a blog, child care, hair, etc. This is the route I am currently taking.

Research other jobs that you qualify for.

Think out of the box. There may be jobs that you can do but do not want to do. That is fine but it may be worth it until you meet your financial goals.

Have you had to make the leap and find a new job to make more money? Was it a good move for you? Did you meet your financial goals?


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