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Purse Diaries: August 2015




Accountability is one of the reasons I created this blog. You all ( my readers) are my accountability partners. It’s time for me to put it all out there through the Purse Diaries. I have over 80,000 + in student debt and $3407.98in credit card debt. I plan to be debt free one day and its time to get ISH DONE! I don’t ever want to be in the position where I cannot be independent. I desire to be in a position where I can be a blessing to others. Yes, I have big dreams and with God those will come true. I have a dream of paying for someone’s college tuition in cash. I am certain that some people will talk about me but…let ‘em talk… They can talk now and talk later when my goals are met.  I am doing these posts to let people know that they are not alone in this struggle and that there is a way out.

I have decided to use the Snowball method to pay down my debt. I will use the Snowball method by paying down my credit card and then moving on the the next one with a higher amount.

At this time my plan is to use 10% of my income every other pay period toward my balance. This will be in addition to my minimum monthly payment.  Once the first credit card is paid in full, I will add the total monthly payment used to pay off the first card toward the the second card.  I paid my first large payment and was excited to see the decrease in my card.

Credit Card Amount Owed as of 8/31
CC1 $ 400.78          >   $260.78
CC2 $  3,007.20       > $3,007.20
=  $3,407.98     >    $3,267.98

I paid off the first large payment and was excited to see the decrease in what I owe. I see that my CC company has also upgraded their website ( Thank God). It allows me to see more when making my payment.

august debt 1


august debt 2


august debt 3


I will be back month with a new update for the purse diaries. I CANNOT wait report a zero balance on all of my CC cards. My affirmation for this month is: 

Today’s affirmation: I attract money and I spend it wisely

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