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I had to call my student loan company that shall remain nameless. I had to call them because it was time to increase my payment and I am not ready for it. I honestly did not want to call them but I did. I went through this process last year and was almost in full panic. After going through the process I was approved. Now a year later it was time to go through the process again. The issue with these companies is sometimes the customer service SUCKS. No one with student loans wants to call and talk to rude ass people. Due to the sucky customer service, you never know who will answer the phone and how the call will go.

I did not know if I would be granted entrance into this certain program again this year due to recent changes that have taken place. I prayed and made the call. The call was surprisingly pleasant . After going through all of the application I was approved. My payment only increased by 12 dollars and I did not complain. There were some changes to the program like instead of being 1yr it is now 6 months. I would not have know this if I would not have called.

The whole point of this story is to encourage you to call your creditors. It is not pleasant and no one wants to do it. However, it is necessary on this journey to financial freedom. Don’t sit and think about what they will say because you honestly don’t know how the call will go.

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